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Siemens Enterprise equips service engineers with over 800 signotec signature pads


Siemens Enterprise is a leading provider of end-to-end corporate communication solutions. The company has branches in over 100 countries and offers end-to-end communication and cooperation solutions for companies no matter what their size. Over 800 service engineers at Siemens Enterprise have been given signotec ‘Sigma’ signature pads.



signotec signature pads in the banking industry: From ‘A’ for arrival to ‘Z’ for zest.


Together with Wincor Nixdorf, Ratingen-based German company, signotec GmbH, has achieved a resounding success with the market launch of the ‘Sigma’ and ‘Omega’ signature pads in banks and building societies. Numerous banks quickly opted for the signotec pads once the pads and related software were approved for bank systems by Fiducia and FinanzInformatik IT centres. Thousands of devices have been installed in the interim, contributing to a paperless workflow and consequently greater efficiency in the banks.



SAPERION Partnerconvention & User congress

17. to 18. May 2011, Berlin (Germany)


The European software developer SAPERION offers a powerful software platform for Enterprise Content Management to SMEs and international companies. SAPERION products support companies in the efficient management of all company information and the automation and optimisation of business processes. The event’s activities focus on user reports, product presentations and workshops. Many visitors from a wide range of sectors are expected to attend.



10 years of signotec: A success story from Ratingen, Germany

With 10 years of history behind the company, signotec is poised to


Within the first ten years since its inception, signotec GmbH has become a market and technology leading company in the development and manufacture of signature pads and accompanying software. For company founders Arne Brandes, Gunther Hagner and Wolfgang Specht, ongoing development is essential and also will play a significant role in the company’s future and its continued success. By adapting to newly available technologies and changing customer needs, the company has remained innovative and flexible, taking first place in the market with this approach.



Congress: FrodX (Polling firm)

25. March 2011, Brdo (Slovenia)

Logo Frodx

The main sponsor of the FrodX one-day event will be the company signotec solutions which is a subsidiary of signotec GmbH with its headquarters in Austria. Its managing director Jörg Prinzhorn is going to present a wide range of legally compliant solutions for personal signing of documents on a display and show the guests from economy and trade the signotec’s hardware and software solutions which were developed and produced in Germany. In his presentation, which will be enhanced by practical examples, he will try to show the visitors how the signotec solutions can be integrated into different branches with all different kinds of system requirements.



CeBIT visitors impressed by practical examples of the e-signing solutions from signotec GmbH

signotec presented itself as an innovative solutions provider for e-signatures

With a consistent focus on the benefits for users, the signotec team presented the entire range of solutions for electronic signing on screens at three different consultation and demonstration areas. The company was particularly well placed to score points with professional visitors to CeBIT in Hanover thanks to its hardware and software, which are developed and manufactured in Germany.



signotec: Reduction of paper optimises workflows in the healthcare sector

With signotec solutions, hospitals, doctors’ offices and retirement homes can implement digital signature systems, preventing media conversions and making much more efficient use of management and time resources.



Testing and certification organisation TÜV Saarland validates secure signature solutions by signotec


Once again, signotec’s SignoSign receives the “Verified Software” certification mark from TÜV Saarland



CeBIT 2011: signotec to showcase its exceptional pen pads in Hall 3 this year.


Ratingen, Germany, 4 February 2011 – Signing electronically can save money and be fun. This is what signotec will be demonstrating to visitors at Hanover’s CeBIT 2011 between 1 and 5 March. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the leading provider of technology for capturing and processing signatures electronically will be exhibiting at Stand B30 in Hall 3 at this year’s CeBIT event. signotec will showcase its entire range of legally compliant solutions for signing digital documents onscreen. The Sigma and Omega signature pads, developed and manufactured in Germany, will take centre stage together with the outstanding software solution SignoSign.



signotec: Wincor World confirms growing interest in signature solutions with pen pads

Ansichten (1) Wincor World 2011

Ratingen/Paderborn, Germany, 3 February 2011 – Banking and retail professionals visiting the Wincor Nixdorf in-house trade fair from 25 to 27 January made the event a highlight for signotec GmbH, based in Ratingen, Germany. In addition to the actual trade fair exhibit, the leading provider in technology for electronic signatures took the opportunity to present some practical examples for different sectors. Now entering its 11th year with confidence and excellent prospects, signotec continues to draw an ever-increasing number of visitors and growing interest.



Ideal for stationary use: The new Omega colour pen pad from signotec

Ratingen, Germany, 30 November 2010 – Following the launch of the ‘Sigma’ mobile signature pad, signotec is now introducing the new ‘Omega’ pad for stationary use. It can be used at sales counters and customer terminals in the retail trade, as well as at cashier desks and reception areas in banks. The large colour display and high resolution enable the display of the more extensive graphical and textual data that plays a significant role in daily business. For example, the Omega can be used to conveniently page or scroll through application forms or withdrawal receipts at the bank or to view documents. The pad can also be used as an advertising medium.



Paperless delivery notes thanks to e-signature software and pads


Ratingen, Germany, 30 November 2010. There is a great deal of time pressure in the logistics industry, so every haulage company would welcome a reduction in its workload when it comes to daily administrative tasks like the filling out of forms. At Knauf Gips KG in Iphofen (Germany), a solution has been found to put an end to the paper chaos in the shipping department of 12 plants. Today, the drivers electronically sign summarised delivery reports on a signature pad. The introduction of the SignoSign/Logistic industry solution from signotec has saved this manufacturer of building materials and systems around 770,000 sheets of paper annually, which translates to €95,000 in toner, paper, scanning and other administrative costs. Furthermore, the workload of the internal scanning department has been significantly reduced.



signotec solutions at the "Security Printing & Alternative Solutions" in Zagreb

The conference in Zagreb, taking place from 26th to 27th January 2011, is all about security printing of identification papers. The event will offer a program packed with national and international guests from authorities or public office who are, against the background of a constantly growing Europe, dealing with the topic of manipulation-proof identification papers. The event is supported by the University of Zagreb, whose Faculty of Graphic Arts has already been awarded for its developments and inventions.



New signotec signature pads set colourful accents in everyday life

Ratingen, 18-Nov.-10.; Ergonomic shapes and infinite variety of colours characterize the new signature pads „Sigma“ and „Omega“ which were developed and produced by signotec in Germany. The pads serve as a device for capturing handwritten signatures and support a variety of branches at process optimization. The colourful pads can be applied everywhere, where signatures are captured in paper form. This means that companies can make significant savings related to paper and work which can result in a considerable cost reduction – and what is more, this can all be done in colours!



signotec solutions at the MIKROCOP congress in Slovenia

The Slovenian company Mikrocop has been gaining experience in the field of document management and safe long-term data storage for over three decades. It supports its clients in organisation of comprehensive, standardised and automated processes.


At this year's Mikrocop congress, which was held under the motto „Organisation without paper“, approximately 200 attendees received up-to-date information from various lectures. Reports about scanning, digital signatures, archiving and workflow were part of the agenda of this one-day event. During the breaks, the guests had the opportunity to get further and more detailed information on individual topics.

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