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Viessmann: Members of technical services staff sign service reports digitally

Logo Viessmann

The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heat technology systems, with 9,400 employees worldwide. Viessmann is internationally oriented with 23 companies for manufacturing and plant engineering in 11 countries, sales activities in 74 countries with 32 proprietary companies, as well as 120 sales branches worldwide. The company offers its trade partners a comprehensive range of market services that facilitates their daily work, for example, the assistance offered by the technical service directly from the plant operator.

In 2010, the technical service introduced the signotec signature pad ‘Sigma’ and the related software ‘signoSign’ for documentation of maintenance work. Since then, employees work exclusively with digital reports, leading to more efficient operations.



Biometric signature process at banks and insurance companies

single source solutions

Software and hardware from a single source is in high demand when it comes to electronic signatures



Business solutions for administration


Nearly every governmental agency still has to handle procedures involving handwritten signatures. Registry offices, Citizens’ Advice Bureaus and vehicle registration offices are just some of the agencies which could achieve substantial savings by introducing electronic signatures.



signotec at the "DMS-Expo 2011"

20. to 22. September 2011, Stuttgart (Germany)

Banner DMS 2011_eng

Europe's leading trade fair and conference for enterprise content, output and document management



Use your iPhone, iPad or Android tablet as a signature pad now!

New signotec ‘signoWebSign’ technology turns mobile devices into recording devices for secure electronic signatures.

mobile solutions

People in almost every line of business are familiar with the situation: You’re in a hurry to get to a meeting and a colleague urgently needs a signature. An important business deal has to be closed, a project has to be approved or a quote has to be submitted urgently, but you’re not on site and have no time to return to work. This is exactly why signotec has developed new ‘signoWebSign’ software for use on mobile devices. The solution allows you to legally and securely sign PDF documents in your browser (e.g., via iPhone, iPad or other smartphones/tablets), which means that your work processes are faster, more efficient and are no longer dependent on location.



New customer: AIDA Cruises

Logo AIDA-Cruises

AIDA Cruises is Germany’s number one in terms of sales and passengers. The company employs more than 5,600 people, onboard the ships 4,500 and 500 land-based.



Strategic partnership with OT-Consulting s. r. l.

OTC Logo

The Italian company OT-Consulting S. r. l. and signotec solutions GmbH with its headquarters in the Austrian Spielfeld near Graz have entered into a strategic partnership in order to further facilitate the marketing of e-signature solutions on the Italian Market.



New customer: Vodafone


Vodafone Germany offers residential and business customers products and services in the fields of mobile telephony, fixed network, data services and broadband internet from a single source. Headquartered in Düsseldorf (Germany), the company has around 12,000 employees. The company is a part of the Vodafone Group, one of the largest phony companies in the world.



LIEMMEC, a signotec partner, introduces innovative insurance business software to the market

Logo Liemmec

Vienna-based company LIEMMEC has created a software solution for insurance advisers that is set to revolutionise the advice process for corporate clients. A web-based solution that covers the entire consulting process and reduces consultancy time, on average, by half has been produced after more than two years of intensive development work.



Starting a strategic partnership on the Italian market

Logo BSC Italy

signotec GmbH comes to an agreement with BSC Consulting S .p. A., shooting for bringing to the Italian market the most powerful technology in the e-Signature area. Merge the skills of Business Processes knowledge and System Integration capabilities of BSC Consulting with the leading edge of signotec products, the two companies are starting a strategic partnership on the Italian market. Therefore BSC Consulting is named preferred partner, the highest recognition to a partner as far as is authorized to cover both reseller and integrator roles.



Siemens Enterprise equips service engineers with over 800 signotec signature pads


Siemens Enterprise is a leading provider of end-to-end corporate communication solutions. The company has branches in over 100 countries and offers end-to-end communication and cooperation solutions for companies no matter what their size. Over 800 service engineers at Siemens Enterprise have been given signotec ‘Sigma’ signature pads.



signotec signature pads in the banking industry: From ‘A’ for arrival to ‘Z’ for zest.


Together with Wincor Nixdorf, Ratingen-based German company, signotec GmbH, has achieved a resounding success with the market launch of the ‘Sigma’ and ‘Omega’ signature pads in banks and building societies. Numerous banks quickly opted for the signotec pads once the pads and related software were approved for bank systems by Fiducia and FinanzInformatik IT centres. Thousands of devices have been installed in the interim, contributing to a paperless workflow and consequently greater efficiency in the banks.



SAPERION Partnerconvention & User congress

17. to 18. May 2011, Berlin (Germany)


The European software developer SAPERION offers a powerful software platform for Enterprise Content Management to SMEs and international companies. SAPERION products support companies in the efficient management of all company information and the automation and optimisation of business processes. The event’s activities focus on user reports, product presentations and workshops. Many visitors from a wide range of sectors are expected to attend.



10 years of signotec: A success story from Ratingen, Germany

With 10 years of history behind the company, signotec is poised to


Within the first ten years since its inception, signotec GmbH has become a market and technology leading company in the development and manufacture of signature pads and accompanying software. For company founders Arne Brandes, Gunther Hagner and Wolfgang Specht, ongoing development is essential and also will play a significant role in the company’s future and its continued success. By adapting to newly available technologies and changing customer needs, the company has remained innovative and flexible, taking first place in the market with this approach.



Congress: FrodX (Polling firm)

25. March 2011, Brdo (Slovenia)

Logo Frodx

The main sponsor of the FrodX one-day event will be the company signotec solutions which is a subsidiary of signotec GmbH with its headquarters in Austria. Its managing director Jörg Prinzhorn is going to present a wide range of legally compliant solutions for personal signing of documents on a display and show the guests from economy and trade the signotec’s hardware and software solutions which were developed and produced in Germany. In his presentation, which will be enhanced by practical examples, he will try to show the visitors how the signotec solutions can be integrated into different branches with all different kinds of system requirements.

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