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Knauf Gips KG - Delivery Notes Thanks to Digital Signature

Saving 770 000 sheets of paper per year!


The logistics industry is under constant time pressure therefore every forwarding agent should consider himself lucky to be able to ease the burden of the daily paper work, such as filling out forms. Knauf Gips KG from Iphofen has come up with a solution which put an end to the paper war resulting from dispatching to 12 of their plants. Nowadays the drivers are signing combined delivery documents electronically on a Signature Pad. In introducing industry solution SignoSign/Logistic by signotec the manufacturer of building materials and systems can currently save up to 770 000 sheets of paper per year, and there-with 95 000 Euro in toner, paper, scanning and other administrative expense. Moreover, an enormous load has been taken off to the scanning department.



Successful TÜV-Testing for signotec

The newest SignoSign version 8.2 receives a certificate of quality called “Approved Software” by TÜV Saarland.

TÜV-Zertifizierung - CeBIT 2010

24 March 2010. SignoSign, the software of signotec GmbH for digital signing meets with its signotec-Pad ‚Sigma’ the requirements of TÜV delivery catalogue in all respects, which can also be seen as result of a successfully completed Audit done by the officials of tekit Consult Bonn GmbH. tekit Consult Bonn GmbH is a specialised company of TÜV Saarland Group. The general manager of signotec GmbH Arne Brandes received the mentioned certificate of quality at the last CeBIT fair from Guido Hermanowski. He is the sales manager of tekit Consult Bonn GmbH. “The TÜV Quality Certificate represents a strong proof of reliability and ability within the SignoSign as the leading company for digital signing, all across Europe”, explains Arne Brandes.



CeBIT 2010 - Push your Business!

Booth E49, Hall 11, Banking & Finance, Hannover, Germany

Logo nur CeBIT

From 02nd to 06th March 2010 is in Hannover, the most important trade fair for the digital industry, CeBIT.



Wincor World 2010 - Trade Fair & Forum for Banking and Retail

January 26-28, Paderborn, Germany

The topic of cash cycle management will be the focus of Wincor World 2010. This year, again, signotec GmbH from Ratingen is represented at the Wincor World FAIR in Paderborn. IT-decision makers from all over the world meet in order to discuss IT-solutions which optimize the branch and store processes at retail banks and retail companies.



Rauch Fruit Juices optimize the logistics

The electronic signature with pad in dispatch

Rauch Logo

Rauch Fruchtsäfte GmbH & Co. is an international active Austrian fruit juice manufacturer with its headquarters in Rankweil. The company works in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and Serbia. It employs more than 1,400 employees.



MEDICA 2009 - Optimisation of the practice workflow by electronic signatures.

From 18th to 21st November, 2009 in Dusseldorf

Logo Banner Medica 2009

To the 40-years of existence of MEDICA it itself presents signotec on the world-biggest medicine fair which takes time from 18th to 21st November, 2009 in Dusseldorf.



The signature without a paper with signotec in the Swiss banking transaction

19th Finance Forum, on 3rd – 4th November, 2009, Zurich

The most important meeting of the Swiss IT and finance branch, the 19th Finance Forum, takes place on 3rd and 4th November 2009 in the congressional house in Zurich. With the signotec GmbH a manufacturer takes part in the expert forum which belongs with its solutions of the electronic signature to the technology leaders of the branch.



Helvetia Insurance optimized system for application

Logo Helvetia

The Helvetia Insurance instructs signotec with furnishing of the Signpad signature solution for their employees in Germany and Austria.



AVIS - leases digitally signed by hand


In the future Car rental AVIS by signing leases agreements and much more electronic form only with the technology of signotec.



Wolford AG, Bregenz / Austria with e-Signature

Wolford Logo

The Wolford AG, Bregenz in Austria has established the electronic signature with the pad in his sales team.



BMW optimized dispatch


BMW AG has significantly optimized the dispatch with the help of handwritten electronic signature on the pad “SigGem Color 5.7” and the Software “SignoSign/Logistics”, integrated in SAP.



Innovative signature solution at Miele

Logo Miele

Over 700 sales representatives in Germany have been equipped with the signature solution. Now the technology in the Netherlands and Austria is also productive in use.



GE Healthcare optimized the service


GE Healthcare has commissioned signotec with the allocation of more than 400 service technicians with a pen-pad signature solution in Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy.



DHL has chosen for signotec


In a competition DHL has decided for the e-sign-solutions of signotec. 500 so-called "Drop Points" will be equipped with the signature pad “SigLite 4x3 LCD”.



signotec receives major than 13.500 pads


The Spanish supermarket chain Mercadona has decided for the robust “SigGem 1x5 LCD” with USB devices for the check-out systems by Wincor-Nixdorf under Linux.

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