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Ideal for stationary use: The new Omega colour pen pad from signotec

Ratingen, Germany, 30 November 2010 – Following the launch of the ‘Sigma’ mobile signature pad, signotec is now introducing the new ‘Omega’ pad for stationary use. It can be used at sales counters and customer terminals in the retail trade, as well as at cashier desks and reception areas in banks. The large colour display and high resolution enable the display of the more extensive graphical and textual data that plays a significant role in daily business. For example, the Omega can be used to conveniently page or scroll through application forms or withdrawal receipts at the bank or to view documents. The pad can also be used as an advertising medium.



Paperless delivery notes thanks to e-signature software and pads


Ratingen, Germany, 30 November 2010. There is a great deal of time pressure in the logistics industry, so every haulage company would welcome a reduction in its workload when it comes to daily administrative tasks like the filling out of forms. At Knauf Gips KG in Iphofen (Germany), a solution has been found to put an end to the paper chaos in the shipping department of 12 plants. Today, the drivers electronically sign summarised delivery reports on a signature pad. The introduction of the SignoSign/Logistic industry solution from signotec has saved this manufacturer of building materials and systems around 770,000 sheets of paper annually, which translates to €95,000 in toner, paper, scanning and other administrative costs. Furthermore, the workload of the internal scanning department has been significantly reduced.



signotec solutions at the "Security Printing & Alternative Solutions" in Zagreb

The conference in Zagreb, taking place from 26th to 27th January 2011, is all about security printing of identification papers. The event will offer a program packed with national and international guests from authorities or public office who are, against the background of a constantly growing Europe, dealing with the topic of manipulation-proof identification papers. The event is supported by the University of Zagreb, whose Faculty of Graphic Arts has already been awarded for its developments and inventions.



New signotec signature pads set colourful accents in everyday life

Ratingen, 18-Nov.-10.; Ergonomic shapes and infinite variety of colours characterize the new signature pads „Sigma“ and „Omega“ which were developed and produced by signotec in Germany. The pads serve as a device for capturing handwritten signatures and support a variety of branches at process optimization. The colourful pads can be applied everywhere, where signatures are captured in paper form. This means that companies can make significant savings related to paper and work which can result in a considerable cost reduction – and what is more, this can all be done in colours!



signotec solutions at the MIKROCOP congress in Slovenia

The Slovenian company Mikrocop has been gaining experience in the field of document management and safe long-term data storage for over three decades. It supports its clients in organisation of comprehensive, standardised and automated processes.


At this year's Mikrocop congress, which was held under the motto „Organisation without paper“, approximately 200 attendees received up-to-date information from various lectures. Reports about scanning, digital signatures, archiving and workflow were part of the agenda of this one-day event. During the breaks, the guests had the opportunity to get further and more detailed information on individual topics.



signotec solutions presents their products at the Raiffeisen Bank Technical Conference, 2010, in Austria

"The secure digital signature in my bank"

Logo Raiffeisenbank Österreich

At this year's Raiffeisen Bank Technical Conference in Austria (23-24 July), signotec solutions presented their latest technologies surrounding the topic of Recording and Processing the Electronic Signature using a pen-pad. signotec solutions (the Austrian subsidiary of the signotec GmbH, Germany) was this year's sponsor of the function, organized by Wincor Nixdorf and Fujitsu Technology Solutions. Here, the newly developed "Omega" LCD signature pad, with its colour display, proved to be a special head-turning attraction.



Show Window International Invests in Electronic Signature Solutions

Action Reports will be signed electronically on site with the client

Logo Show Window

June 2010. The Show Window International (Germany) GmbH in Potsdam offers a wide range in the sectors of marketing, merchandising, and promotion. The overall service of Show Window comprises consulting, creativity, production, logistics, and decoration up to the final evaluation. In the case of an automation project for the processing of the action reports being set up when displaying chemist’s shop windows, Show Window was going for the use of signature solutions of signotec. Those action reports, or 'performance certificates', are signed on site with the client by means of a PenPad.



Cards Middle East 2010 – Complete success for electronic signature solutions by signotec

Sigma-Pads score in Dubai


Made in Germany – Only a few still can be detracted by the fascination of this seal of quality. On the contrary: The signotec-Pads from Germany are one of the highlights at this year's Card Middle East 2010 (May 17-19) in Dubai, which is the greatest industries event of the region. signotec Partner, GGS International L.L.C. from Teheran, had arrived with the latest signotec Sigma-Pads. The Technology Leader's LCD-Pads for creation of personal electronic signatures were in the centre of GSS' appearance at the exhibition throughout, and visitors were focused on them strongly.



signotec's electronic signatures also in the enterprise Provinzial Rheinland Versicherung

- branch manager and customer service representative are now using signature pads


The financial service provider has on a large established signature pads and the solution SignoSign from the company signotec. The branch manager and customer service representative of Provinzial Rheinland may submit their application documents to their customers so that customers can electronically sign and thus leads to a faster processing of their transactions. The use of signotec’s technology is designed not only to work in that field also in other areas, including the scope of applications / requests in conjunction with the new identity cards.



Austrian T-Mobile has confidence in the signature solutions signotec

There will no longer be any T-Mobile offices without a signature pad

Logo T-Mobile Austria

Austrian mobile carrier T-Mobile Austria has decided that each office will be equipped with devices for electronic signatures by the company signotec GmbH, Ratingen. With the introduction of electronic signatures in the submission of applications and contracting the company also offers its customers modern working methods which reduce costs and optimize customer service.



Knauf Gips KG - Delivery Notes Thanks to Digital Signature

Saving 770 000 sheets of paper per year!


The logistics industry is under constant time pressure therefore every forwarding agent should consider himself lucky to be able to ease the burden of the daily paper work, such as filling out forms. Knauf Gips KG from Iphofen has come up with a solution which put an end to the paper war resulting from dispatching to 12 of their plants. Nowadays the drivers are signing combined delivery documents electronically on a Signature Pad. In introducing industry solution SignoSign/Logistic by signotec the manufacturer of building materials and systems can currently save up to 770 000 sheets of paper per year, and there-with 95 000 Euro in toner, paper, scanning and other administrative expense. Moreover, an enormous load has been taken off to the scanning department.



Successful TÜV-Testing for signotec

The newest SignoSign version 8.2 receives a certificate of quality called “Approved Software” by TÜV Saarland.

TÜV-Zertifizierung - CeBIT 2010

24 March 2010. SignoSign, the software of signotec GmbH for digital signing meets with its signotec-Pad ‚Sigma’ the requirements of TÜV delivery catalogue in all respects, which can also be seen as result of a successfully completed Audit done by the officials of tekit Consult Bonn GmbH. tekit Consult Bonn GmbH is a specialised company of TÜV Saarland Group. The general manager of signotec GmbH Arne Brandes received the mentioned certificate of quality at the last CeBIT fair from Guido Hermanowski. He is the sales manager of tekit Consult Bonn GmbH. “The TÜV Quality Certificate represents a strong proof of reliability and ability within the SignoSign as the leading company for digital signing, all across Europe”, explains Arne Brandes.



CeBIT 2010 - Push your Business!

Booth E49, Hall 11, Banking & Finance, Hannover, Germany

Logo nur CeBIT

From 02nd to 06th March 2010 is in Hannover, the most important trade fair for the digital industry, CeBIT.



Wincor World 2010 - Trade Fair & Forum for Banking and Retail

January 26-28, Paderborn, Germany

The topic of cash cycle management will be the focus of Wincor World 2010. This year, again, signotec GmbH from Ratingen is represented at the Wincor World FAIR in Paderborn. IT-decision makers from all over the world meet in order to discuss IT-solutions which optimize the branch and store processes at retail banks and retail companies.



Rauch Fruit Juices optimize the logistics

The electronic signature with pad in dispatch

Rauch Logo

Rauch Fruchtsäfte GmbH & Co. is an international active Austrian fruit juice manufacturer with its headquarters in Rankweil. The company works in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and Serbia. It employs more than 1,400 employees.

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