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A first-class match: The VARIO ERP software and the signotec signature pads


The digitalisation of the merchandise management system is a big step for many companies and involves a lot of effort. The ideal interaction of the VARIO ERP software and the signotec signature pads facilitates this process and supports the conversion.



signotec selected by the Spanish Ministry of Justice


For international company growth, signotec has always built on a strong partner network with global cooperations. The recently realised project with the Spanish partner Serdacap has once again confirmed the success of this strategy.



Preserving the species, preparing the future: signotec's flowering field


In the past week, the flowering area, for which signotec took over a sponsorship last year, was sown. In this way, signotec supports the creation of habitats for native insects and takes a stand against the extinction of species.



signotec donates signature pads and software licences to DRK Kreisverband Rhein-Neckar/Heidelberg e. V.


The cross in the right place: In order to support the DRK Kreisverband Rhein-Neckar/Heidelberg e. V. in the time of the Corona pandemic to reduce contact points and to ensure the increased hygiene requirements, signotec donates two signature pads including software licences to the association.



10 years of Sievert and signotec


Ten years ago, Sievert SE signed the first delivery note using a signature pad from signotec GmbH and stored it in its SAP archive. Since then, Sievert has held on to signotec GmbH as their partner in the field of e-signature solutions.



Donations instead of Christmas cards – Read where we do good!


The Christmas season is a time full of customs and traditions, which is why we would also like to hold on to a tradition that has been significant for us in previous years: Instead of sending cards and presents to our valued customers, suppliers and partners we support projects and organisations that work for the good of others every day through their charitable activities and that are facing particularly difficult conditions in the year of the Corona pandemic.



signotec celebrates its 20th anniversary


In December 2020 signotec GmbH looks back proudly on a 20-year success story. Founded in 2000 by Arne Brandes, Gunther Hagner and Wolfgang Specht as a software manufacturer for applications for electronic handwritten signature verification as well as electronic signature of documents. During these past 20 years, signotec has developed not only into a manufacturer of its own hardware and software, but also far beyond that into a technology leader in the field of capturing handwritten electronic signatures.



ING Bank Poland selects solutions from signotec


After an extensive tender and selection process, ING Bank Śląski S.A. has chosen signotec GmbH as its partner for a comprehensive e-signature solution. For this purpose, it relies on the hardware and software solutions of signotec and has been using the web-based signature solution signoSign/Universal in its branches since August 2020. The introduction of a total of 350 signature pads of the signotec Delta followed since November 2020, so that they will be usable for all customers by the end of the first quarter 2021.



NEW: The signotec Zeta


We have been waiting a long time for this moment: We have developed, optimised, overcame the Corona-related delays and now it's here! Finally we can present the newest member of the signotec family.



Safe, safer, signotec: Private biometric key at the notary


You want to work with advanced electronic signatures that comply with legal requirements and are securely encrypted, but have no way to maintain the corresponding security precautions? An all-round solution for optimal encryption is now available from signotec!



Podcast of the Chamber of Tax Consultants Rhineland-Palatinate about: Digital signature with signotec


The introduction of the digital signature process raises a few questions. In the podcast of the Chamber of Tax Consultants Rhineland-Palatinate, in cooperation with Mr. Marc Sassenroth of Keuthen AG, exactly these initial questions are answered and the most important steps are explained briefly and comprehensively.



Pracital example Ecovis: Digital cooperation between chancellery and client - enabled by DATEV and DIGISign

Vorschaubild DIGISign

The chancelleries are also taking the step towards digitalisation and the signature software DIGISign, developed in cooperation with DATEV Austria, makes this step even easier. In this article you can find a summary of the interview with Thomas Schnellhammer about the practical example of the chancellery group Ecovis.



NEW: The signotec Delta with DHCP


What would an innovative product be without continuous development? Exactly - no product from signotec!
Therefore, we are now introducing the next generation of our signature pad signotec Delta!



DATEV: Tax consulting companies on the move towards digitalisation


Many workflows relating to the correspondence within the tax consultancy sector are still carried out in the conventional way: electronically create, print, sign, scan and file. With these workflows, the step towards digitalisation seemed to be a difficult one to take. But in fact, the need for digitisation has become increasingly strong in this sector over the past few years, so that there is a clear desire for change now.



Special ++ sign from home - remote signatures with signotec ++ save the set-up fee until July 31st


You are working in your home office or want to work contactless and remotely with your customers and partners? This spatial separation is currently occupying companies more than ever.

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