signotec Sigma - Signature Pad with LCD

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backlight of sigma version

I cant see backlight in my signotec sigma pad. Version is ST-ME105-2-U100. How to know that this sign pad is equipped with backlight

von Rajat Sharma | 03.01.2020 06:48

Dear Mr. Sharma,
Thank you for your inquiry.
The backlight of our signotec Sigma devices is optional and only included in the ST-BE105 models. Not in the ST-ME105 models.

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We bought 3 Sigma pads for signing some documents in a specific application, but in this application we have a signature field which is taking the mouse pad function ( from laptop ). Do you think that it is possible to adapt the Sigma Pad to have mouse pad function [more]

von Bogdan Novac | 23.04.2019 15:17

Hello, you must ask your manufacturer from your specific application. The signature pads never emulate a mouse input for security reasons.


I have 2 models of sigma signature pad. one is "Rev.: C" and another one "Rev.:E"
Rev.: E is working but I have problem with Rev.: C, because it is not compatible with my software. Is there any way to solve this problem?
And what is the difference between these versions?

von Costumer | 17.02.2019 09:31

Hello, you have to update the SDK "signoPAD-API". All revisions are compatible. If a newer pad doesn't work it is related to the fact that you are using an SDK which is about 6 years old. We recommend to update...


I have a web based system which generates a pdf. I want to use signotec to digitally sign this document. How do I do this? Any help would be most welcome. Once rolled out at the client. The client will need to buy 1 signature pad per branch. around 10 in total. Thanks for your help

von Ashvin | 16.08.2018 12:40

Hi, if you want to digitally sign PDF documents, we recommend to use our "signoSign/Universal", which is also a Web-based solution. You will find more info within the product description.


I have a web-based(php application) report generating app that requires electrronic signatures. Can I integrate this to this application?
If Yes pls share link(s) I can reference on the procedure

von Henry Bature | 05.06.2017 12:39

Hi, you can integrate our signature easy in the web environment using our websocket pad-server. You can download it for free here:

64Bit Dll

Is there an assembly (x64 DLL) STPadLibNet which support 64bit application development

von Vusi | 11.05.2017 13:17

Yes, of course. Just download it from our website here:
It is for free including maintenance and updates.



Is it posible to use this item Ethernet to USB Adaptor ST-TCPIP-USB-CONV-2 ? For TSE (

I can not find the product shown in the video there [more]

von daniel DUCTEIL | 03.04.2017 15:48

Hi, you can use the Sigma with an internal USB-Serial-Converter which ends with FT100. The FT indicates the converter.

The TCPIP-USB-CONV-2 is a complete different scenario to connect a USB signature pad (ends with U100) to the network and address it via a TCP/IP address.


Is it possible to use it with Terminal Server ?
I mean remote the information with the network.


von daniel DUCTEIL | 31.03.2017 19:20

Yes, you can use it with a Terminal Server for sure. We provide different solutions. Because of limitations of the TS it is needed to communicate with the signature pad via a (virtual) Com-port: We have a hardware based internal USB-Serial-converter, a VCOM-Driver for o [more]


Do you working with signature pad with twain live driver?
Do you have finger print pad which with twain livee driver?

von Ali abbai | 01.11.2016 16:27

We provide a Twain driver to our signature pads free of charge.
And we have a combined units "Kappa" with a signature pad Sigma and a fingerprint unit inside. The fingerprint units comes with an different SDK.



Is there any API from MAC OS? since i tried to run the given sample codes but Safari browser fail to detect the PAD

von Zacharia | 17.09.2016 10:17

Unfortunately we don't support MAC OS native. Only with a virtual Windows machine.

Support for windows 10

do you have support for windows 10 using java API

von Imran Zaffar | 16.06.2016 11:10

Dear Imran Zaffar,

all our APIs working with all windows versions from Win7 - Win10. Therefore you can use the Java API with Windows 10 for sure.

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What type if TIFF file is the file format of the signature.
Example:Group-4 Compression

von Laurie York | 22.04.2015 22:53

Hi, it is a TIFF with LZW compression. Group 4 (Fax) is not sufficient because we show the pressure (variable line width with shading) in the image. Such a high quality is not possible with G4. BTW: You can test it with the signotec pad capture control demo which is par [more]