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Software Engineer

Can the signoPAD-API/Web validate signatures?
As in compare 2 signatures to see if they are the same.

von Ebenezer Foh | 17.06.2021 14:34

The signoPAD-API/Web cannot compare signatures. For this, we offer a dedicated Biometric API.

Other Signature Pads

1. Can I use SignoPAD-API/Web with another signature pad?

von Eric | 15.06.2021 07:31

Hi Eric,
The signotec signoPAD-API/Web is only compatible with signotec signature pads.

Presales Specialist

1. Is it possible to intergrate with PHP?

2. show Customer/patient name when signing?

von David | 14.06.2021 14:00

Hi David,

1) Yes, the signoPAD-API/Web is a normal JavaScript library and can be integrated with PHP as well. In alternative, you can use the integration on protocol level, too.

2) Yes, with the API you can display any individual contents on the pad before or while signing.

No source code found

I downloaded the web tools but I cn't find exemple source code and app : where are they ?

von Adrien ROCHEDY | 29.04.2021 11:50

The documentation and demo with source code can be found in the installation folder.