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We want to use your product to force a signature on an auto generated PDF on remote laptops. Is the only way through the print driver or do you have an API we can write to that will allow the dynamic PDF to be created and signature box to be identified?


von Anthony Veltri | 15.05.2019 09:54

Hi Tony, our software signoSign/2 can be used for PDF signatures without any programming. In alternative, you can use our "signoPAD-API" for pad integration and the "signoAPI" for ISO compliant PDF signatures.


If I want to buy several tablets, do I need to buy a Sign / 2 license for each one?
Thank you

von Jose Maria Franco | 14.03.2019 13:39

Yes, you need a license for each signature pad. Quantities discounts are available. Please contact

Tech Consultant in Spain


I am testing SignoSign/2 with a Evolis Sig 100 tablet. When I print from any Windows program (i.e., Word) to the SignoSign/2 virtual printer, it takes a long time to give me back the control in order to define a zone to include the firm taken by the tablet. Creatin [more]

von Fernando | 01.02.2019 12:46

Good day, the behavior is not correct. Please contact our support here:

SAP Support analyst

Can we use your software to only capture signatures from a smartphone instead of a signing pad?

von vasileios likkas | 20.12.2018 14:14

Hi, yes you can use a smartphone for capturing a signature. To do so, you need the additional "Mobile Capture Plug-In". You can download and test it via the download form on our website.


El software signoSign/2, si se compra, la licencia tiene caducidad? y se puede isntalar en un windows 7 32 bits y otro dia, si cambio el ordenador, puedo instalarlo en un Windows 7 64 bits?


von PABLO FERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ | 30.11.2018 18:28

The signoSign/2 license will not expire. But it is available for 32- or 64-Bit. If you want to change you need a new license 6 month after purchasing. Within 6 month it is free of charge. With an AMS you can update to the latest version always. Please refer to our webstore.

System Administrator

Hi,is it possible to test signotec signoSign/2 and Omega NFC pad before purchasing ?

von | 14.09.2018 15:27

you can purchase the device through our webstore. If you don't like it you can return it according to the following conditions:

Senior Business Analyst

Does signoSign2 handle dynamic .XFA documents (created in LiveCycle Designer)? If not, are there plans to enable dynamic .XFA documents?

Thank you!

von Rob Goncalves | 23.08.2017 20:41

Hi, we are not allowed to do it because of Adobe licensing issues. For signing XFA-Documents we provide our Acrobat Plug-In.

Other application

Is it possible to us the signature pads in other software for signature capturing?

von Joey | 04.08.2017 08:06

Hi Joey,
yes, of course it is possible. You can use our APIs in order to use our interfaces for programming own applications.

SMTP setting


I have a question about signosign 2, how can i use the smtp option in mail setting. What should i put in the server and port field?


von Alexis | 31.07.2017 04:58

Hi Alexis,
in the SMTP setting you need to configure your SMTP mail server. These information are provided by your administrator or e-mail provider. If you don't have SMTP information, you can use the MAPI (Standard Mail Client, e.g. your Outlook).


i would like to know if this device can be integrated with every software or not.for example if i have a customer like hotel customer can this device be installed on it system or should i change the whole customer software and provide him with your software ....
pleas [more]

von moamed | 29.07.2017 10:33

Hello, you can use our out of the box solution signoSign/2. There is no need to change anything! A consultant is available at to discuss the details.

MAC os

will it work with MAC os

von N J Koshy | 11.08.2016 13:33

signoSign/2 is a windows (.NET) application. Therefore Mac OS is not supported, only with a virtual windows machine.


Can I use signoSign/2 with Gamma Pad?

von Laura Bognar | 11.02.2016 15:41

Hello Laura,

yes, you can.

signoSign/2 supports all signotec pen pads.