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Windows XP 32bit

Hello signotec sigma has support windows 32 bit ?
If it does, it didn't work on my computer

von Resul | 11.04.2019 11:49

Hello, 32-Bit is supported of course, but not Windows XP anymore.


Good morning will signosign 2 work with output from a as400 system ?

von Mark Mill | 23.03.2019 09:47

yes, in combination with our optional PDF-Printerserver which generates a print queue where the AS400 can send the printoutput. For more details please contact I


good afternoon I am looking at signosign 2 and would like to know if it can monitor a watch folder for a file to appear and then send to be signed automatically.
Also can it be run from a server but the signing don't at a workstation ?

von Mark Mills | 22.03.2019 16:35

Hello Mark,
it is possible. We have a tool "FileGrabber" which is designed exactly for your needs. Please contact


I use Signotec SignoImager2 and i would a french version, mostly the first screen (to the user) where the customer should sign. I can translate for you this screen, and the screen with settings. Because i propose your software and material to my french customers ! Best regards

von Pat | 15.01.2019 18:06

Hello, please send an e-mail with your complete contact details to This is not the right place to discuss the details.

Technical Team Leader

I am looking for Signotec Kappa SignaturePad and Fingerprint API on Angular 2 TypeScript

von Alaa khalidi | 07.01.2019 13:56

Good day, please refer to our product page, the datasheet and for the pricing our webstore.

Delphi Developert

The samples folder in SignoPAD-API includes only:
Where can I download it?

von Juan Antonio | 30.05.2018 11:20

It is inside the 32-Bit package, not in the 64-Bi.

Delphi Developert

Have you got some Delphi example to use the sig100 pad?

von Juan Antonio | 29.05.2018 17:07

Yes, it is included in the signoPAD-API. Just download it.

Software developer

I'm trying to use the Signature Pad device in a MAC.
Is that possible? Do you have drivers for MAC?


von Ivet | 22.11.2017 17:58

Hi, Unfortunately we don't support MAC.