Twain- and Wia-Driver

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Integration Architect


can you please provide information about support of Elcom(SK) tablet devices?

von Jozef Raschmann | 07.05.2020 09:43

We are sorry, but we support our own signature pads only. Not the competitors. Best support is ensured at signotec only ;-)

Software Enthusiast

Hello team,
Does this driver work with Evolis Sig100? It's on their drivers' page but the pad is not listed here?
Cheers, L

von lubo georgiev | 24.02.2020 18:11

yes, the drivers are working with the Evolis pads!

Software Engineer

Which models are compatible with TWAIN

von nickos yoldassis | 29.09.2019 16:57

Hello, you can use our Sigma, Omega and Gamma signature pad with our Twain-Driver.