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if I understand it clearly in API doc, currently there is no way how to display PDF (operate methodPDFLoad from SignoPAD-API) like through WebSocket Pad Server?

Will be there this option in future versions?

Thanks for answer,

von Jiri Kral | 11.09.2019 09:43

We are always working on new features and improvements. Currently, you need to render the PDF document by yourself and load the images to the pad using TOKEN_CMD_API_DISPLAY_SET_IMAGE.

WebSocket Pad Server removed from MENU

Why was WebSocked Pad Server removed from MENU Software? Users have trouble finding it.

von Patrik Ferra | 14.08.2019 10:34

Hello, we changed the name from the product. This was done because of the user feedback for the old name. We will add the old name for a limited time with a hint for the new name. Thank you for your comment!


Need to display long multi lines of text on LCD Signature Pad. Is it possible to scroll down multi lines text ?

von Ali Emre Erdem | 27.06.2019 11:32

Yes, that's possible. Please refer to the documentation 9.2.36 Wert TOKEN_CMD_API_SENSOR_SET_SCROLL_AREA
This is valid for Gamma and Delta. For further questions please contact our support.


where can I find the documentation?
Thanks in advance

von Giorgio Calchi Novati | 06.12.2018 11:57

the documentation is part of the download / installation and can be found within the start menu and/or within the installation path.


I've integrated Omega with our web application. Just need to display lot of text during sing process on the pad. Using variable FIELD_NAME I can show only one line of text. I need to scroll down through text and then sign. Is this possible using web socket? I can [more]

von Andrew | 14.08.2018 09:04

Dear Andrew, please contact our support for technical questions which is more efficient. Please use our form here:



is there any possibility on macOS?

von Pavel Safka | 31.05.2018 11:53

Hi, unfortunately not.



Is this compatible with Evolis Sig100 tablet? We need to capture the client's signature and sign (image) a pdf document from a web interface and then save the signed pdf document.

Is the API sign or the PAD_API sign necessary?


von Juan Camilo | 12.04.2018 17:26

all our software is compatible with the Evolis signature pads!
For details please contact info@signotec.de


Will work Web Socket Pad Server for Windows with old model Signotec LCD Signature Pad Sigma STL-ME105-0,7-U200 ?
My client is considering to buy this (see link bellow)

von Sergey | 13.12.2017 16:33

Hello, we support originally purchased signature pads only. These pads must be purchased direct from us or from one of our partners/resellers. We don't support the distribution via unknown third parties on eBay.

Sw Developer

Hello, and thanks,

We have tried that version 1.1.16 but we still get the following error:

WebSocket connection to 'wss://local.signotecwebsocket.de:49494/' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE
W [more]

von Juan Macias | 17.04.2017 14:04

Hi, please contact support@signotec.de

Sw Developer


It seems that the latest Chrome updates somehow blocks the connection to the websocketserver. Do you have nay information on this issue?

Best regards,

von Juan Macias | 17.04.2017 13:38

Hello, this issue should be fixed with the current version here on this website. Please ensure that you use min 1.0.16.


Do you have more information about TOKEN_PARAM_SIGNATURE_SIGN_DATA? The WebSocket pad server indicates it is a encrypted, compressed, biometric data format.

Is it possible unencrypt/uncompress and view the actual biometric details?

I appreciate the security of th [more]

von Peter | 30.01.2017 22:31

Hi, inside our signoAPI we have libs to decrypt and view the signature. We provide an analyze tool for the biometrics as well. As an alternative you can use TOKEN_CMD_SIGNATURE_POINT
For security reasons the biometrics are reduced and cannot used for an biometric analyz [more]

WebSocket Pad Server for Linux


Is there an alternative for WebSocket Pad Server in Linux environments?

von Anonymous | 16.01.2017 09:09

Hello, the question is not related to the operating system. Even more to the web-browser technology: How to get access to a hardware through a web-browser? NPAPI or ActiveX is an alternative, but discontinued from the browser manufacturer. More here:
http://en.signotec. [more]