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Hello, I was wondering if signosign/2 is compatible with a wacom DTU 1031X?

Thank you

von Angelo | 20.05.2021 13:14

Hello Angelo,
yes, it is, because the Wacom device is just a simple monitor extension. Not a real signature capture device. You need the "Tablet-PC" edition from signoSign/2 for this device.

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Does software have the ability to select options in a form like yes or no?

von Olefile Ntsimane | 09.06.2020 16:37

Dear Customer,
with signoSign/2 you can fill out and save form fields like text fields, check boxes, dropdown (etc.). These fields can be locked dynamically with signing the document.


Can I capture sign on Thinkpad x380 using its touchscreen with thinkpad pen pro, using this app, without attached signature device?
Thank you

von Filip | 14.02.2020 01:48

you can use either signoSign/2 or the Adobe Plug-In with the touchscreen of your thinkpad. The only difference is, that we use a different licensing model for this case.