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IT Systems Analyst Sr

Is there a way to force signoIntegrator/2 to choose vcom for all users on a pc?

von Chaia | 31.01.2019 23:56

The configuration is saved in the userprofile and not global. For further questions please contact the support and describe your system environment in detail:


You advertise that this works for Linux. I have been unable to make this owrk with Centos 7.6

von Greg Ennis | 30.01.2019 00:17

signoPAD-Tools are for Windows only. It is a Windows-Installer. Please refer to the manual as well. The SDK is available for Linux.

Engineer - Communication & Network

Where can i found drivers for MAC OS

von Samitha Peiris | 05.08.2018 06:49

Hi Samitha, we do not support Mac OS at the moment.